Laws of Bike Touring

I recently had some help from The Internet writing the Laws of Bike Touring. As with everything, YMMV. I tried not to include anything too specific, just the most immediate and necessary items.

  1. Eat before you’re hungry.
  2. Drink before you’re thirsty.
  3. Pee before you have to.
  4. If nothing goes wrong, you won’t have any stories to tell.
  5. No matter what, and especially when you’re lost, remember: This is The Trip.
  6. You control your mood.
  7. Take only pictures / Leave only tire tracks.
  8. Tour with those who laugh.
  9. Stretch before you eat and stretch even when you don’t want to.
  10. Directions from non-cyclists are wrong.
  11. Eat whatever you want.
  12. Write.
  13. If you’ve got less than half of your water left, never pass on a chance to refill it.
  14. Wander.
  15. There is no right or wrong way to tour.